Save Our Ryde Schools

Recently, local Liberal MP Victor Dominello announced his plan to close two schools in Ryde; Marsden High and Meadowbank Public.

This plan is ridiculous beyond belief. 

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The Hon. Victor Dominello MP

Member for Ryde

Dear Mr Dominello,

Your decision to close Marsden High School and Meadowbank primary is short-sighted in the extreme. I oppose your decision and ask that you immediately over-turn it.

Ryde has been targeted by the State Government with more and more development. The number of children aged five to 19 in Ryde will grow by more than 51 per cent over 20 years to at least 27,800 in 2036, according to NSW Department of Planning projections.

We need more schools in Ryde, not closed schools.


A Concerned Ryde Resident

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Andrew Ranasinghe
Carolyn Girdwood
Pamela Johnson
Lenore Hankinson
Sujoy Ahmed
Dave Freriechs
Nick Xu
Karen Then
Ngoc Nguyen
esther Lee
Paulo Root
Sheryn Symons
Sandra Hoot
Nicole Antonini
Rosemary Manchin
Steve Gronau
Lee Hallett
Barbara Johnson
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  • Andrew Ranasinghe
    signed 2018-08-20 14:11:33 +1000
    Andrew Ranasinghe
  • Carolyn Girdwood
    signed 2018-08-15 18:32:04 +1000
    More people moving to Sydney and the government wants to close schools , this does not make sense
  • Pamela Johnson
    signed 2018-08-11 17:00:14 +1000
    Pamela Johnson
  • Lenore Hankinson
    signed 2018-08-07 09:44:00 +1000
    The idea of almost 2,500 students on one site is preposterous. This is the sort o9f facility that has failed overseas and has been marked by school violence and poor student well being outcomes. These uberschools are alienating and a supervision nightmare for teachers. Thanks Jerome for calling out this inappropriate development
  • Sujoy Ahmed
    signed 2018-08-06 15:48:35 +1000
  • Dave Freriechs
    signed 2018-08-06 13:54:06 +1000
    Dave Freriechs
  • Nick Xu
    signed 2018-08-06 11:56:53 +1000
  • Karen Then
    signed 2018-08-06 11:49:01 +1000
  • Ngoc Nguyen
    signed 2018-08-06 08:21:29 +1000
  • esther Lee
    signed 2018-08-06 08:06:37 +1000
  • Paulo Root
    signed 2018-08-04 10:24:02 +1000
  • Sheryn Symons
    signed 2018-08-03 11:16:09 +1000
  • Sandra Hoot
    signed 2018-07-31 23:22:44 +1000
  • Nicole Antonini
    signed 2018-07-31 17:28:48 +1000
    Pushing for higher density living while selling off school land is nothing short of ludicrous. Our public schools are busting at the seams. We need more schools not less.
  • Rosemary Manchin
    signed 2018-07-31 16:50:22 +1000
    Do not close Ryde Schools…
  • Steve Gronau
    signed 2018-07-31 12:23:41 +1000
    the use of Marsden High school as a Sport facility it useless, there is amply unused space at the School to develop the Sports site without closing the High School that is in desperate need of updating and preparing for the 10,000 apartment about to be built 300 metres away in Melrose park.
  • Lee Hallett
    signed 2018-07-31 09:16:33 +1000
    With the amount development in our area, we are going to need a lot more schools. The Melrose Park development is planning on 5000 apartments, which is more than 10000 people. According to the ABS Census, between 5-10% of the population is of high school age. So that development alone will need close to 1000 high school places. It is obvious that we will need several additional schools, not just doubling the capacity of one.
  • Barbara Johnson
    signed 2018-07-30 18:07:13 +1000
    I applaud your continued efforts, Jerome, to keep the planning sane